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Chicago Helicopter Experience is the city’s only FAA-certified helicopter tour and transportation company. The company claim of “Above Chicago. Beyond Amazing.” conveys its goal to deliver unique, luxury helicopter flight experiences for its customers.

Page One Public Relations was tasked with creating a one-of-a-kind experience that would generate social media buzz and increase brand awareness to attract new customers. 



Chicago Helicopter Experience is a weather-dependent experience. Any promotion that involved media or influencers would have to be coordinated both between their schedules and the changing weather.



Page One created a unique, over-the-top event, “A Night in the Sky,” that included three aerial experiences. Popular Chicago-based influencers were invited to enjoy an evening that included a helicopter ride over the city, a visit to 360 Chicago to experience the TILT ride 1000 ft. above Michigan Avenue and a fireworks display. Page One communicated regularly with all parties to ensure a photo-friendly, buzz-worthy evening that aligned with the weather and participants’ schedules. 


Page One secured 15 qualified influencers to attend the event. Combined, they generated more than 70 stories with aligned hashtags and handles throughout the evening. Along with eight static posts, 368,000 impressions about the evening created strong social media buzz for Chicago Helicopter Experience.   

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